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                     BUILDING ENGINEERING

Building expertise - Structural diagnosis - Concrete laboratory - Training  


performs non-destructive and semi-destructive investigations by evaluating the mechanical characteristics, stability and compressive strengths

our practice carries out diagnoses and  expertise   fitted with a sclerometer  digital  Hammer test, 650 AI depth gauge, corrosimeter  canine at the electrode


verifies the condition and structural behavior of the building and other works.

We intervene in different types of projects and disorders:

  • Structural cracks

  • Modification of a load-bearing wall

  • Material hardness test

  • Diagnosis of reinforced concrete

  • Extension project, renovation

  •   Implementation of questionable concrete

  • reinforcement corrosion

  • Verification of covers and placement of reinforcement

  • Pathologies of reinforced or unreinforced concrete structures

  • Disorders and poor workmanship during construction or under construction 

  • Building vibration and aging expertise

For all information:

Tel: 0556624753 / port: 0646611414


More than 33 years of experience in construction and Cabinet exists since 2006

Intervention throughout France  

                  Auscultation and Diagnosis of reinforcements and concrete

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