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- The insured adjuster what is his role

An insured adjuster is a guarantee in the presence of an insurance adjuster

You have suffered a disaster, a fire, a flood, cracks caused by a natural disaster, as soon as you declared your insurance and the insurance  in turn goes  diligent  an expertise  and this mission  will be led by its own expert, paid by the insurance.

So is there a conflict of interest? Do you have a real guarantee  by a total  independence, impartiality?

We let you judge for yourself.

- When do we call on an insurance adjuster?

- Do you have the right to call on this expert? The answer is yes

The insured adjuster is your adjuster, he is at your side, he is there to defend your interests against the insurance adjuster, he manages the whole file, he prepares the estimate of your indemnity  real  that you are entitled and the claimant to insurance.

It helps you make good emergency decisions, for example in the event of a natural disaster or a fire, it recommends measures  emergency conservatories, asks for down payments to help you cope in the event of an emergency,

he enlightens you on technical, administrative and legal documents, he remains in constant contact with  insurance, by comparing its opinion with that of the insurance adjuster.

the insured adjuster can help you organize the reconstruction  or repair  of your accommodation, by giving you good advice

some insurance contracts have provided for the payment or part of the fees of your insured adjuster, you must inquire with your insurance company 

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