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            Phone: 0646611414

  Intervention everywhere in France 


  • Defects - Structural disorders - Claims - Disputes in construction contracts:  (public, private, individuals)  -  Construction disputes (short and long term) - Preventive -  Fire -  Theft - Water damage -  Flooding, Infiltration - Humidity  -   Business interruption - Disorders -Pathologies -  Land settlements and subsidence - problem  of foundations - Problem of cracks - Structural instability - Timber frame - Steel frame  - Technical assistance  to Judicial Expertise   -  Expertise by thermography


  • Expertise of individual houses -  Apartment buildings 

  • Buildings  dilapidated  Where  in ruins  - Factories, Warehouses -  Offices - Tertiary  - Commercial premises - Administrative premises - Workshops - Civil engineering works

  • Arbitration - Conciliation - Mediation 

  • Expertise in evaluation of the works before consulting the companies

  • Expertise during the works: (your site  drags, call an approved Expert)


  • Technical expertise  building  before purchase  Where  after purchase in case of doubt  : (do not give your final signature before making a  expertise) this expertise takes into account the entire structure of the real estate

  • Preventive appraisal of the Buildings or before any construction work  renovation  of the building

  • Controls building movement and glazing (cracks/crevices)

  • Expertise Defects and disorders  : (during the works and  after the works)

  • Inventory (sale and rental)

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