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Construction Legal Protection Expertise 




Yes, no insurer or insurance company has the right to compel an insured to hire a lawyer

or an expert without a written request from him.
Art. L127-3 The contract stipulates that the insured
  the freedom to choose a lawyer, an expert or, if he prefers a qualified person to assist him, whenever a conflict of interest arises between himself and the insurer.
No clause of the contract must affect, within the limits of the guarantee, the free choice open to the insured by the preceding paragraphs.
The insurer cannot propose the name of a lawyer to the insured without a written request from him.

The mission of the legal protection expertise is carried out by a construction expert,  in the event of a dispute between the insured and the builder or craftsman, this expert is commissioned either by the insurer or the insured as soon as the contract taken out contains the statement  PJ: legal protection

The insured can be assisted, to defend himself thanks to  to this contract 

  • The role of the expert is to technically analyze the facts, to seek the origin of the claim or the defects causing the disputes.

  • to highlight each  disorders,  poor workmanship according to the guarantees of third parties 

  • to recommend repairs, to estimate the cost of repairs 

  • To seek liability from third parties related to its faulty workmanship 

  • the expert can   seek an amicable agreement between the parties by informing either the manager or the insured in the event that the agreement is not successful, the adjuster informs either the manager or the insured on the follow-up to be given to his file 

  • the construction expert technically assists the insured and his lawyer, in the event of legal proceedings and an expert is appointed by the judge the expert provides technical assistance, advice  to the insured and his lawyer  

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