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Construction/Renovation Works Management Consultant 


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Our Firm created since 2006

Our human-sized company has developed a synergy of skills and experience over the years.

Agreeing to a more technical approach from year to year and unparalleled expertise in processing file by file.

We build our know-how on four basic principles: Rigor - Quality -  Efficiency - Impartiality - Trust

Our expertise in Project Management Assistance is as follows:

-  Monitoring  construction site  ( AMO ) until perfect completion 

-  Edition or Procurement Study

- Control  of the offer / Implementation of planning 

-  Monitoring the works  /preparation of site meetings/accounts-      renders with photos

-  Administrative and financial monitoring

-  Assistance with handing over the keys / Calculation of late payment compensation  

     Optional : 

Diagnoses and tests on structures can be carried out throughout your work.

Concrete certificates of the mechanical resistance, the location and the covers of the reinforcements will be annexed  in your end-of-site file, they will guarantee the quality and hardness of the concrete poured on  your construction site (see on our site the progress of our diagnoses)


contact us:

Phone: 05 56 62 47 53

Port: 0646611414


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Avoid the Nightmare under Construction.

Get help from a firm  who has both the skills and the experience to support you in your construction and renovation project: 

Project Management Assistance , a clear contract  and elaborated  

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