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Your claims, your defects our expertise

  • Building expertise

  • Structural diagnostics  

  • building engineering  

  • concrete laboratory  

  • training  

Registered firm , accredited, specialist consultant to the European Parliament, Expert Evaluator  of the works council                   

Intervention everywhere in France  since 2006  and  More than 33 years of construction experience 

Directed by: Mr CAZEAU Ronald  

Trained at Arts et Métiers de paris 3 in Civil Engineering/construction

Graduate _  Judicial Expert at the University of Bordeaux  

International President of the International Chamber of Experts, Jurists and Arbitrators (CINEJA)                         

Specific technical expertise: 

  CRE EXPERTISES since 2006 is the solution of:

  • Your claims, your defects and your cracks,  

  • Your structural diagnosis, your problems during the work

  • Your assistance with legal expertise

  • Your assistance with project management and the handing over of the keys.     

  Trust skills and experiences  



  • Your expert building structure risk assessor  

  • your building vibration expert  

  • your differential settlement expert  

  • your structural crack expert  

  • Your building aging expert

  • Your structural pathologies  

  • Your wood/metal structural expert

  • Expert before / after acquisition of a real estate property

  • Expert in the solidity of structures,

  • Building dilapidation expert

  • Adversarial expert                                             click on the logo  

A Building or a Housing Estate: several of you experience the same disaster: a  grouped expertise which will reduce the fees per case by up to 50%)

  we advise you on the technical and legal aspects and on the steps to be taken  

  we help you  defend yourself better.



  1.   Our approved Firm carries out its mission with complete impartiality  

  2.   In compliance with contradictory rules, no conflict of interest.

  3.   We strive to give you the best technical and legal advice.


  •   Justifies more than 33 years of experience

  •   Our fees are based on the type of assignment, not travel.  

  •   We devote time to studying your file and with you,  

  •   We highlight the difficulties that may arise.  

  •   We will explain to you the course of the amicable or legal procedures.  


  Questions :  [Do you have any doubts about the impartiality of an expert?

             Do you want to avoid any conflicts of interest in your case?]

Answers: for peace of mind.

  Mission your Expert outside your apartment, or even outside your region.]

  We work in partnership with nearly 200 specialized lawyers throughout France.

  Our firm specializes in technical assistance and advice for judicial expertise (CATECEJ)  ​

Our Firm uses devices equipped with the latest technologies,

  1.   a setting  artwork

  2.   suspicious work

  3.   a dubious concrete pour,

  4.   a doubt about the reinforcements, non-compliance with standards and technical regulations.

In-situ test

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